Teaching Foreign Languages

Bilingual Programs

In the recent three years, more and more bilingual programs have been developed in California. This is a great time to start thinking about how to build and develop bilingual/multi-lingual programs in the school setting. Research has shown that more than 60% of children in California speak other languages before 5 years old. These populations […]


There are always chanllenges as foreign language teachers; however, one of the most difficult things is to stick to your dream and do what you want to do. I am not talking about the curriculum we are designning, how we are motivating students to language study and how we are managing our classroom; while people […]

“Authentic” Ways and Materials

It’s been awhile that I didn’t update information here. From last year, I have been presented at State and National conferences and mostly, I focused on Discovery Learning and Integration in Bilingual Classrooms. I really appreciate those colleagues and friends who supported me to do research on “authentic materials” to broaden my view to discuss […]

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